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Year of the Pig and Pig Mania!

Chinese New Year is on February 5th and 2019 is the year of the Pig!  In honor of the Pig, we are providing free patterns for either a knitted (pic 1) or crocheted pig (pic 2): 


What can you do with these little pigs?  Play Pigmania!  Pigmania is a super fun classic!  All you need are 2 pigs.  

The object of this game is to be the first to score 100 points using two “Pigs” as dice.
On your turn, you throw the pigs and hope they end up in a scoring position.
If they do, you decide whether to keep the points earned in your turn by passing the pigs to the next player.
Or you can choose to “roll again” but if you roll a "Pig Out” you lose your turn and any points earned in this turn.
The pigs used for the game are made in fingering weight yarn. The patterns are free! Just mention it at checkout and specify whether you're interested in the knit or crochet pattern.
Need help with the pattern?  We're offering classes to make these little pigs.
Knit a Pig
Tuesdays Feb 12, 19 and 26,  7 to 9pm
Crochet a Pig
Tuesdays Mar 19, 26 and April 2, 7 to 9pm
Click here for more info. 
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