MuffinTop Stitches Trunk Show and Window Display

July 30, 2018

Meet MuffinTop Stitches!

Check out the Trunk Show/Window Display through August 2018. 

Muffin Top Stitches creates products made using refurbished wood and yarn in cross-stitching patterns - so clever!  The founders are Steve and ImagiKntter Janet. They made our ImagiKnit sign that's in our front window. 

 We had a chance to ask Janet and Steve a few questions: 

  1. How would you describe MuffinTop Stitches?

We would describe it as the harry potter of workshops – a tiny little triangle, crammed into a garden shed built under the outdoor stairs… To take as step back though, it’s a fun collaboration between our favorite materials, wood and yarn, brought to life in fun, sometimes functional ways.


  1. How did you and Steve come up with the idea of blending woodworking and cross stitch?

We were actually staying in a small town called St Remy de Provence, that from Monday through Saturday was a perfect picture of peace and quiet, but come Sunday there was an eruption of life when the streets went from sleepy to slammed with market stalls and shoulder to shoulder tourists and locals. It was this that for us sparked one of those ‘what if’ moments – what if we could be one of these stalls – puttering and creating through the week, hustling and selling on the weekend – forget those tech companies and 9-5! Of course, dreams are far from reality, but what it did do was spark an idea – what if we could take two of our own personal hobbies and smash them together to create something truly unique.


  1. Your company name is so unique! Where did you come up with your name?

I wish there was some amazing story behind it; however, MuffinTop Stitches was just a fun name I came up with when I was selling my cross-stitch online through college. We decided to keep it going because what we create is supposed to be lighthearted, fun and hopefully this is a memorable link to that – just don’t forget the word stitches if you search it on google :/


  1. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Again, there is no real method to our madness here – we sit out in the sunshine with a cold beer, grid paper and colored pens – pick a theme (like California roadtrip) and start drawing. This is where our most recent series of tables has come from with an old school caravan, cactus, taco and flamingo (those front lawn birds with a stick in it’s butt kind)… What we love most about this way of working is that it actually inspires others to see things within our design that raise new challenges – custom requests like “can you make that caravan into an airstream” are the things that inspire us to keep pushing forward.


Click here to see more of MuffinTop Stitches.

Instagram: @muffintop stitches

Photos courtesy of MuffinTop Stitches.  

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Yarn Spotlight: Teresa Ruch Designs Tencel

July 27, 2018

This yarn is gorgeous!


Tencel by Teresa Ruch Designs is 100% Tencel imported from Canada and dyed in Oregon. It was specifically designed with respect for the environment. The process starts with cellulose which is processed with a non-toxic, dissolving agent that is recycled back into the fiber manufacturing process. 

Tencel feels like silk and has a beautiful drape. Like other cellulose fibers, tencel is breathable, absorbent and comfortable to wear. It wrinkles less than cotton and is softer and much more resistant to ripping. 

It is perfect for warm weather knitting and can be used for garments that can be worn in any season.

Give Tencel a try! 

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ImagiKnit Open House

July 02, 2018

Join us at the ImagiKnit Open House!

Saturday, September 22
6:30pm to 9:30pm

Meet local celebs and get your books signed!

Twinkie Chan, author of Crocheted Abode A La Mode (she may even have some kits!)

Julie Weisenberger, author of Cocoknits Sweater Workshop

Carson Demers, author of Knitting Comfortably

 Kyle Kunneke, author of Urban Knit Collection

Stephany Wilkes, author of Working Wool in the West (to be released October 2018). You can pre-order the book and Stephany will sign bookplates. We're so excited about this book!

National knitting instructor and designer Beth Whiteside of Beth Whiteside Design



Sajive Jain, owner of Knitter's Pride (pictured with Allison and Maxine)   

We will unveil the new Knitter's Pride jewelry line (cool stuff!) and we'll also have Knitter's Pride needles on hand for a Needle Tasting! 

We'll have drawings for cool gifts and a big SALE!

Are you in town for Vogue Knitting Live? You can catch a shuttle to the shop. The shuttle trip includes dinner with Twinkie Chan at Le Marais Bakery (across the street from the shop). The shuttle will pick you up at the Hilton Hotel at 6:15pm, take you to ImagiKnit and return to the hotel at 9:30pm. Click here to register.

You don't want to miss this! 

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Oink Pigments Pop-Up

May 30, 2018

We're thrilled to be hosting the Oink Pigments Pop-Up!

Monday, July 9
4pm to 7pm 

Oink Pigments carries beautiful, bright and colorful yarn and fiber. There are 12 bases from Lace to Bulky and they are 100% sheep to shelf made in the USA! 

They even have super adorable little Pigtails!  

Oink Pigtails

You really don't want to miss this! 

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Local Fiber Artist: Steffanie Goodman

May 28, 2018

We're excited to be hosting a window installation by local fiber artist Steffanie Goodman of Heirloom Culture!

steffanie goodman heirllom culture

Steffanie designs and makes unique wall hangings and accessories. Her company, Heirloom Culture, provides unique decor for the chic and artful collector.  

Steffanie's work is beautiful and unique! We had an opportunity to ask Steffanie some questions about her work. 

1. How would you describe your work?  

My work is eclectic- contemporary and refined, yet organic and playful. I am always exploring new techniques, materials, styles and color combinations. My color story is often bright jewel tones with whites and gold, but I also work with neutral pallets. Those decisions are often based on my mood, design trends I find inspiring, or my clients' needs.  I create unique wall hangings and women's accessories, and also do commercial art installations on occasion. I work primarily with natural fibers, and often incorporate repurposed or industrial materials like metal, leather or wood. For example, I create meaningful art for clients by repurposing sentimental materials and weaving them into the piece. I love exploring the qualities of fiber- it's texture, permeability and color, and the balance of soft and opaque, against the shine and durability of metals, or wood.  

2. How/when did you get interested in weaving and how did you learn to weave?
Raised by a fine artist mother and garment industry father, I'd always had an appreciation for textiles, art, and fashion.  While healing after a serious injury in 2015, I was introduced to Saori weaving by a family friend when I showed her a picture I'd seen on Instagram of an abstract woven cloth and asked if she knew how it was created. I found a Saori weaving studio in Berkeley, unfortunately no longer there, and started weaving on the weekends. From the moment I began weaving I was captivated- it awakened me to the connection with female artisans of antiquity,  reconnected me to my spirit and my passion to create.  Since that time at Lynn Harris's studio in Berkeley, I've taken a Tapestry weaving course with Tricia Goldberg (Berkeley), a floor loom weaving course at CCSF with Janice Sullivan, workshops with Meghan Shimek and Alicia Scardetta,  workshops at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY, and apprenticed with Johanna Friedman, learning the steps for Jacquard weaving on her TC2 machine loom. 

3. What types of materials do you work with? 

Natural and synthetic yarns (wool, wool roving, cotton, linen, silk, metallics, rayon, Tencel, jute), leather, metal chain and metal bars, wood, and even plant matter! Am I leaving anything out? Well, when I create memory pieces for clients I will repurpose the materials they provide me and weave them> I've woven horse hair, fishnet stockings, maps of Cuba- you name it! I often hang my work on metal dowels or clear acrylic dowels. Sometimes I frame them.

4. Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

I find inspiration in art (I stop into galleries and museums as often as I can, and read art blogs online), fashion (lots of window shopping and reading fashion blogs online), interior design (I love home decor!), nature (beach scapes and flower gardens are the best sources!) and through my travels. 

5. Do you do other types of work with textiles?

I love exploring textiles and textile design. I have been repurposing clothing since I was a kid, cutting up and making anew, the things I was bored with, painting on my jeans, bedazzling things, making my own clothing when I was in college, DIY tie-dyed clothes in my bathtub, etc.  I also do a bit of Shibori and natural dying, felting, some sewing, painting on fabric, embellishments, and am teaching myself block printing. 
6. What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on weaving a few pieces for a home that will be featured in a design magazine, I am designing new pieces for my next installation at a boutique in Hayes Valley this summer, and I am felting silk scarves for commissions for Mother's Day gifts! 


Stop by and check out Steffanie's work in our window!  It's colorful and playful and just makes you smile! 

Click here to see more of Steffanie's work. 

Photos courtesy of Heirloom Culture.  

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