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  • Barry
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  • Blue Barry
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  • Iota
  • Barry's Cromwell
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Ditto is from Twirl Farm in Napa County.  Twirl yarn is made from the softest fleeces of the alpaca, sheep and angora goats on the farm. The yarn is treated with such loving care from animal to skein.  Each skein tells a story of the animal from which it came.  The yarn is such a joy to work with!  

We had a dye workshop at Twirl Farm.  Click here for pictures. 



  • Fiber: Wool/Lambswool/Alpaca/Mohair
  • Yardage & Weight: 125 yards (50g)
  • Gauge: 6.5 to 6 stitches = 1 inch
  • Care: Hand Wash. Lay Flat to Dry.
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$ 16.00