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Meet Mary of Twirl Yarn!

Mary Pettis-Sarley is the  owner of Twirl Yarn in Napa, California.

Mary studied Textile Design at UC Davis and UC Berkeley. She also taught Textile Design and photography at both universities (this explains the gorgeous pictures on her Instagram feed @twirlyarn!). Later, Mary worked as a photographer and during this time, moved to a cattle ranch in Napa. She adopted a yearling lamb and that was the beginning of her sheep and wool adventure.

Mary has been hand spinning and dyeing yarns for many years. She worked with Jane Deamer at the Yolo Wool Mill and learned about the different qualities of wool breeds. The end result of years of knowledge and hands-on experience is Twirl Yarn.

Twirl Yarn is truly special to us. Mary takes such care in the packaging of the yarn.

Each gorgeous ball of yarn has a unique label that tells you about the animal whose fiber was used to create that yarn. It is such a special and personal touch!

We're always so excited when Mary comes for a visit. We love working with Mary on fun projects.  Stay tuned for what we have in store!

Twirl Yarn
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