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Winter Olympics Project:  Lizard Ridge Blanket

Winter Olympics Project: Lizard Ridge Blanket

The 2022 Winter Olympics start on Febraury 3!
Need a fun project for binge-watching the winter competitions?
The Lizard Ridge Blanket is perfect! 
Lizard Ridge by Laura Aylor is a super fun project!  The blanket is knit in squares using a self striper with long color runs such as Silk Garden (pictured) or Kureyon. You can use one color or as many colors as you like!
The squares are knit using short rows so this keeps your interest yet is easy to do while watching the tube. We found these squares to be potato chip knitting - totally addicting and you can't make just one! Blankets not your thing?  Knit up a few squares and make a pillow or two.  
Make something beautiful while cheering on the US Olympic Team!
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