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Visit our new space in Berkeley! Curated yarn selection, craft kits, toys and more.
Visit our new space in Berkeley! Curated yarn selection, craft kits, toys and more.

Join the ImagiKnit staff in a Nordiska KAL!

Feb 13 Update: 

Allison wearing the Nordiska that Diane made.  Doesn't it look great on her?

Feb 12 Update:

Sonja and Laura in their finished Nordiska's!  Super cute!

Jan 28 Update: 

Sonja finished her Nordiska - yay!  It's currently blocking and we can't wait to see it on her!

Diane is currently working on the second sleeve. Modifications made so far: ripped back to the armholes, added a few more stitches and knit the rest of the body using US 5 needles.  Knit 6.5 inches before doing colorwork. Sleeve 1 was done using US 4 needles and made longer.  Did not knit Rows 41 through 43 of the chart. 


Laura is working on the sleeves. Picture is coming soon!


Jan 22 Update:

Sonja, Laura and Diane have been working on the colorwork portion of the body. So addicting!

We love top down sweaters as we're able to try the sweaters on. The sweaters fit great on Sonja and Laura. Not so great for Diane - not as much positive ease or as long as desired. She's ripped out a portion of the sweater and is making modifications. We'll see how it goes.....

Jan 14 Update:

Sonja, Laura and Diane have separated body and sleeves - yay! Sonja has already started the colorwork. 

Left to right: Sonja, Laura, Diane

Ashley started her Nordiska - looks great so far!



Jan 09 Update:

Left to right: Sonja, Laura, Diane

We're making good progress.....

It's a fun knit! The cable twists keep this fun and interesting.

We're happy to see many of you are joining us!  Please send us pics of your yarn choices and we'll get them posted! 


Jan 03 Update: 

We've selected colors and are ready to cast on! 

Sonja is using yarn from her stash. Love that pop of yellow! 

Laura is using Mechita and Nuble. The burnt orange is gorgeous - this will be her main color. 

Diane is using Herriot Fine (one of her favs!).

Ashley is using Mechita.  She's shaking things up and will be using 2 colors. Love the color combo!

It's interesting to see that we've all selected a gold/yellow color.....


We're knitting Nordiska by Caitlin Hunter (scroll down to see progress pics).

Cast-on is Jan 3. 

Join Sonja, Laura, Jenny, Ashley and Diane in this beautiful knit!  We're having fun deciding on yarns/colors. 

Stay tuned as we share progress. 



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