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Ergonomics for Knitters - Classes with Carson Demers

Ergonomics for Knitters - Classes with Carson Demers

Carson Demers, author of Knitting Comfortably - The Ergonomics of Handknitting, is a physical therapist by day.  HIs passion and experience in fiber arts combined with his experience in physical therapy and ergonomics create a unique skill set that he eagerly shares with the fiber community to keep us all creating healthfully and comfortably ever after. 
We are excited to host two classes in the shop:
Saturday May 7
9am to 12pm
Knitting Happily Ever After - Ergonomics for Knitters

In this class, you'll learn how knitting affects your body. By completing a Riosk of Injury assessment in class, you'll learn how knitting contributes to those aches and pains throughout your body. But more importantly, you'll learn how to reduce them.
Saturday May 7
4pm to 5:30pm
Small Group Mini-Consultation

This small group setting is an opportunity for knitters to receive direct feedback about their knitting ergonomic and personal habits that create risk of injury.  You'll learn how to identify and reduce risk of injury and discomfort through individual analysis with Carson and observing others do the same. 
Class size limited to 6 people.
Bring your book and have it signed by Carson!  If you don't have the book, you can order one here. 
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