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Visit our new space in Berkeley! Curated yarn selection, craft kits, toys and more.
Visit our new space in Berkeley! Curated yarn selection, craft kits, toys and more.

August 26 is Dog Appreciation Day!

October 2019 Update:

Thank you to those of you that made snuggle blankets!

Blankets were sent directly to San Francisco Animal Care and Control.


Let's celebrate by making snuggle blankets to support the Snuggle Project!  

The Snuggles Project is an organization that provides Snuggles to animal shelters worldwide. 

After being given a Snuggle, a frightened or difficult to handle animal is able to become more calm which allows time for the animal and caregiver to learn how to handle the situation.  In addition, Snuggles provide a more homey environment for the animals, visitors and staff. 

Click here for knitting and crochet patterns for Snuggles. There are a variety of patterns using different stitches. There are even basket patterns for little pups and kitties. 

Want some help with the patterns? We're holding a FREE with yarn purchase workshop on Sunday, Aug 25 from 1 to 2:30pm. 


For My Favorite Knit Snuggle: must know how to CO, K and BO

For Snug Harbor Knit Snuggle: must know CO, K, P, BO and work ITR

For Crochet Snuggle Tubbie: must know ch, sc and dc

Please bring locking stitch markers for all projects. 

If you don't need help but want to make a Snuggle, please stop on by and knit/crochet with us!

We plan on sending our first batch of cuddle blankets by September 30. 

We'll be taking donations for the Snuggles Project all year.  

Let's support homeless animals!  

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