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Knit my Skirt

$ 24.95
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Skirts, long and graceful, short and sassy — a complete wardrobe.

Smooth and easy waist finishes avoid bulk and allow for a few pounds or inches in either direction.
Shaping highlights included with the patterns make it easy to customize fit, length, and flare.
Splendid fabrics worked in a variety of yarns are especially skirt friendly.


In Knit my Skirt, Candace Eisner Strick makes a strong pro-skirt statement:

YES, you can wear a knit skirt. They are comfortable and flattering.

NO, knit skirts do not reveal every curve — unless you want them to!

YES, it's easy to make a well-fitting skirt — using one key measurement.

NO, skirts do not take forever — actually, less time than a sweater. No sleeves means less yarn to buy, fewer stitches, little shaping.