Hats 101 Class

Put a lid on it!

Knit your first hat in two easy sessions. Pattern is included. (A great follow-up to Knitting 101).

Instructor - Amy Chambers

Two 2-hour sessions

The class will take place inside the shop.

Please come 30 minutes early if you need to purchase any supplies for class.
Please bring layers or jackets to keep warm and comfortable because the shop gets a little cool in the evenings.
And no food or drinks, please! But a bottle of water is okay. 

Class supplies:

  • One skein of chunky yarn (3 sts/in)
    Two circular needles (one 16-in and one 24-inch) to go with yarn
    Ring markers
    Knit Chek
    Pen and paper
    Darning needle
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$ 49.00