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Visit our new space in Berkeley! Curated yarn selection, craft kits, toys and more.
Visit our new space in Berkeley! Curated yarn selection, craft kits, toys and more.
Meet Galler Yarns

Meet Galler Yarns

Galler Yarns is a family owned business and has been around for decades.
"H Galler Wholesale Handknitting Yarns" was started by teenagers Joseph Galler (pictured below) and his brother in the heart of Luxembourg in the1920s. 
The brothers were so young at the time that they had to use their father's name for the business (H. Galler). They maintained a successful shop for almost two decades until the 1940 German invasion of Luxembourg shut them down. 
In 1943, Joseph and his family finally escaped war torn Europe and arrived in New York City. Joseph began a career with Fiber Yarns, a company that dyed yarns for resale. He learned that there was thievery at the top and he quit on the spot. He started TricotLux and eventually incorporated as Joseph Galler Inc in 1950. 
He imported the finest quality yarns and sold them at the lowest possible prices.  Joseph's work ethic was halted only with his death at age 92 in 1993. 
Galler Yarns remains a family business, passing to his son Henry and now to the 3rd generation, Henry's daughter Star.
About the yarns: 
Galler Prime Alpaca is the cashmere of alpaca yarn.  
The alpaca is sourced from a private enterprise in Peru whose focus is the sustainable development of raising alpaca, benefiting thousands of rural families who make a living from this resource in the harsh conditions of the Peruvian highlands. The ranch has programs to improve the dwellings of the herdsman and their families as well as provide financial support to local schools. 
The alpaca graze freely on open pastures at an elevation of 13,000 feet in the Andes Mountains. The focus is to develop alpacas with the finest fibers, least variability of hair dimension and no guard hairs. 
Alpaca fibers are extraordinarily tough and strong, is easily dyed and always retains its natural luster. The hollow fiber structure makes it an incredibly lightweight yet effective thermal insulater. 
With a hand comparable to cashmere at a fraction of the cost, Heather Prime Alpaca is is the ultimate fiber for the discriminating knitter or weaver. 
Inca-Eco Organic Cotton is made from Tanguis Cotton (aka Oro Blanco or White Gold).  It's derived from non-genetically modified plants without fertilizers or pesticides. 
Famers rely on ecologically sustainable practices such as crop rotation to maintain soil fertility. Pest control is done by cultivating natural enemies of cotton-destroying insects.
Inca cotton is dyed with low-impact dyes and the colors meet the Oeko-Tek Standard 100. They require less rinsing so there is minimal water used in the process. 
Purchasing Galler Organic Cotton is a decision to protect the planet. 
W.O.W. is the newest yarn from Galler yarns.
475 yards of lusciously soft, worsted weight superfine merino is just WOW!  We're sure that this will become a store favorite.
We love supporting a 3-generation family business that produces high quality fiber using sustainable practices.  
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