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Kokak Chocolates

Kokak Chocolates

A one minute walk from the shop - Kokak Chocolates!

New to the neighborhood, Kokak's Chocolate is our new favorite place!  After all, knitting and chocolate go so well together!  

Carol Gancia and her team offer premium flavors crafted in gorgeous, tropical-inspired designs with a story to tell.

"Kokak" means ribbit in the Filipino language.

We looove the one of a kind artisan chocolates!  And there's more!  The Hot Chocolate Drinks are just so perfect year round in SF! So rich and creamy (Hot Hot Chocolate is one of our faves!).  

The Signature Cacao Porridge is such a treat! The Mochi Donuts and Noir Choclate Muffins are to die for! There is something for everyone!

Kokak is generously offering a 10% discount on Noir Chocolate Muffins and Ecuador Milk Chocolate Bar with Organic Strawberries and Cocoa Nibs to ImagiKnit customers!  

Order ahead online at and use code KNIT10

Offer expires 10/10/2020

Noir Chocolate Muffins are made with gooey 72% dark chocolate ganache inside topped with an almond crumble for a full bodied, dark, rich cocoa flavor and a smooth, creamy mouth feel.

Ecuador Milk Chocolate Bar with Organic Strawberries and Cocoa Nibs is made from an heirloom cocoa variety grown in the Pichincha province of Ecuador called 'Nacional' and contains organic freeze dried strawberries and Ecuador cocoa nibs. Yummmm!   


They also have a current promotion on Lilypad Bars.  On Thursdays, there is a 10% discount on Lilypad Bars if you come into the store. If you order ahead online, the discount is applied automatically.  

Grab a bite and a drink, and sit at an outdoor table or take to Dolores Park for some neighborhood people watching! 

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