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Free Pattern Friday: Sula Slippers

Free Pattern Friday: Sula Slippers

A treat for your feet!

Sula Slippers by Sarah Hatton calls for Big Wool, a super chunky merino that whips up in a jiff and felts beautifully. This basic slipper pattern can be customized to your hearts content. You can knit them in one or many colors, embellish with embroidery, buttons or pompoms - the possibilities are endless! Once knit, the slippers are felted. 

Sizes: S (M)


One color - 3 (4) balls Big Wool

Two colors - color A / 1 (1) balls, Color B / 2 (3) balls Big Wool

They're knit using size US 15 needles so this is a quick knit. 

Can't wait to cast on?  You can snag the pattern here and the yarn here.

Happy knitting!

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