• Style
  • Wool Basket Small, 7.5in H x 8in D
  • Cornicopia 7/7, 4.5in H x 5in D
  • Cornucopia 4/7, 10.5in H x 9.5in D
  • Cornucopia 2/7, 11in H x 10in D
  • Cornucopia 6/7, 7.5in H x 8in D
  • Cornucopia 5/7, 10in H x 8in D
  • GOT 1/6, 11in H x 13in D
  • GOT 4/6
  • Cornucopia Large, 11.5in H x 12.5in D
  • GOT 6/6, 10in H x 9.5in D
  • Cornucopia  3/7, 11in H x 10in D
  • GOT 2/6, 11.5in H x 11.5in D
  • GOT 3/6, 10in H x 9.5in D
  • GOT 5/6, 10.5in H x 10in D

USA Wool Baskets

SALE!  Prices shown are 25% off!

100% wool baskets made from overruns of rugs. No two baskets are alike.

  • Made in USA
  • Will not fade in sunlight
  • Moth-proofed
  • Easy to spot clean.
  • Durable

Measurements are approximate. Diameter is measured across the top of the basket.

Note: These bulky items are not eligible for free or flat rate shipping in the US. An additional bulky rate will be added to your order. For international shipping on this item, please click here to contact us.

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