• Style
  • Santa (TTSA)
  • Lion (TTLI)
  • Unicorn (TTUN)
  • Kitten (TTKI)
  • Bunny (TTBU)
  • Star (TTST)
  • Elephant (TTEL)
  • Elf (TTEF)
  • Monkey (TTMO)
  • Soccer Ball (TTSB)
  • Penguin (TTPE)
  • Teddy Bear (TTTB)
  • Snowflake (TTSF)
  • Owl (TTOW)
  • Puppy (TTPU)
  • Giraffe (TTGI)
  • Snowman (TTSM)
  • Lamb (TTSH)
  • Bee (Metallic)
  • Butterfly (Metallic)
  • Goldfish (Metallic)
  • Ladybug (Metallic)
  • FBGBL (Green/Blue)
  • FBRBL (Red/Blue)
  • FBBKR (Black/Red)
  • FBBLG (Blue/Gold)
  • FBRDW (Red/White)
  • FBBKG (Black/Gold)
  • FBBLW (Blue/White)
  • FBGGD (Green/Gold)

Top This Hat Kits

This snuggly, silky yarn comes with a whimsical character perfect for adorning the top of a knitted hat. The bright and colorful yarn is made up of three continuous textures, making it easy to knit a Top This! hat because you never need to change yarn! Toddlers to teens will love wearing the playful and fun hat that knits up in no time. A hat pattern included with each ball.

Yarn is 78% acrylic and 22% nylon and the character atop the hat is 100% polyester. Each ball has 98 yards per ball with a gauge of 15 stitches over 4". 

In Stock: ...

$ 9.00