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Targhee Worsted

I fell in love with Targhee sheep and their crazy good wool years and years ago when I had loads of spinning time. It is as much a joy to spin as it is to knit. It's so lofty that you expect it to just float away and it seriously could with the amount of elasticity it has. It might not be ultra soft like a very fine merino, but it's still soft enough, and it will wear so very well. 

Our Targhee is both raised and milled domestically. Targhee is one of America's youngest breeds and is named after the National Forest where they grazed in the summer. The forest was named after the Chief of the Bannock tribe of the Northern Paiute. I love the history the breed name holds, so why not keep it as the yarns name.

  • Brand:
  • Fiber: 100% Targhee Wool
  • Yardage & Weight: 616 yards (250 yards)
  • Gauge: 4 to 5 st = 1 inch
  • Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry.
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$ 34.00