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  • Version A (MC 14, CC 37, 11, 28, 15)
  • Version B (MC 17, 7, 15, 38, 16)
  • Version C (MC 8,  CC 13, 35, 34, 7)- pre order

Shadow Knit Wrap Kit

The Shadow Knit Wrap is knit using the Shadow Box technique.  When you look at your knitting straight on, it looks like 2 row stripes. Turn the piece in either direction and the garter ridges create triangles inside boxes - truly beautiful!
The wrap is knit using a luscious blend of Cashmere Fine a blend of 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Polyamide. The background color stays the same and the small/large boxes are worked changing the accent colors.  A fun knit!

The kit contains the pattern and 8 balls of Cashmere Fine (4 balls MC and 1 ball each of 4 additional colors).  Note: Version C is pre-order.

Kit Contains:
Shadow Knit Wrap pattern 
8 balls Cashmere Fine (4 balls MC, 1 ball of each of 4 CC) shown in Version A
Needles not included
Dimensions: 18in x 70in 

It's knit using size US 7 needles.  

Note: This item is not available for in-store pickup. This kit ships from Southern California. 
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$ 167.00