• Style
  • Mailbag Square 9x13x3
  • Cross Panel Small 11x14x2
  • New Backpack Tiny 10x10x2.5
  • New Backpack Small 13x13x3
  • 1 Seam Small 10x12x2
  • Ruffle Square
  • Satchel Small 12x12x4
  • 3 Seam Purse 13x5x2
  • 2 Panel Small 15x11x3
  • 2 Seam Tote 18x12x5
  • Vogue Purse 14x8x4
  • Cross Panel Small 11x14x2

Juliahilbrandt Felt Bags

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Tote bags and accessories made of industrial felt. Crisp clean lines and edges. Classic, timeless, durable and long-lasting. All products are made in grey felt, leather handles are fastened with rivets. 

Designed and made in the US. 

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$ 31.35