• Style
  • Mailbag Square 9x13x3
  • Cross Panel Small 11x14x2
  • New Backpack Tiny 10x10x2.5
  • New Backpack Small 13x13x3
  • 1 Seam Small 10x12x2
  • Ruffle Square
  • Satchel Small 12x12x4
  • 3 Seam Purse 13x5x2
  • 2 Panel Small 15x11x3
  • 2 Seam Tote 18x12x5
  • Vogue Purse 14x8x4
  • Cross Panel Small 11x14x2

Juliahilbrandt Felt Bags

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Tote bags and accessories made of industrial felt. Crisp clean lines and edges. Classic, timeless, durable and long-lasting. All products are made in grey felt, leather handles are fastened with rivets. 

Designed and made in the US. 

Note: These bulky items are not eligible for free or flat rate shipping in the US. An additional bulky rate will be added to your order. For international shipping, please click here to contact us.

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$ 31.35