• Style
  • Tall Caddy Mamallama
  • Excel Mamallama Blue
  • Dolly Mamallama
  • Cadette Mamallama
  • Maxi Mamallama Blue
  • Maxi Mamallama Gray
  • Maxi Mamallama Orange
  • Hope Basket Mamallama Grey
  • Hope Basket Mamallama Orange
  • Excel Mamallama Grey
  • Excel Mamallama Tangerine
  • Accessories Pouch Mamallama
  • Accessories Pouch Mamallama Flame
  • Circular Needle Case Mamallama
  • Circular Needle Case Flame
  • Circular Needle Case Grey
  • Combo Pouch Mamallama
  • Combo Pouch Tangerine
  • Combo Pouch Mamallama Slate
  • Extra Tall Tool Pouch Mamallama
  • Extra Tall Tool Pouch Mamallama Tangerine
  • Extra Tall Tool Pouch Mamallama Grey
  • Grand Pouch Mamallama
  • Grand Pouch Mamallama Tangerine
  • Grand Pouch Mamallama Slate
  • Santa Maria Tool Pouch
  • Maxi Licorice
  • Santa Maria Cadette
  • Overnight Mamallama
  • Backsac Labrador

Atenti Bags and Pouches

Atenti Bags are known for exciting blends of color, texture and pattern and are made in the USA. These gorgeous bags feature innovative fabrics and embellishments from all over the world.  

Hope Basket is a stand alone project basket.

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$ 21.95