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Yarn Review: Filo

Let's first start by saying that we absolutely love the fabric that Filo produces.  It's light, has crisp stitches and an amazing drape. Getting there requires a bit of love but it's worth the journey.


Filo is very slippery.  Once the ball label is removed, the ball falls apart.  We recommend placing the entire ball in a zip-lock plastic bag to keep it contained.  

We also recommend using wooden needles with fairly sharp tips.  As with cotton or linen, there is no elasticity so it's a little tough on the hands.  We recommend having a nice wooly project on the side so you can give your hands a break every now and then.

If you're doing a lace pattern, placing a lifeline at frequent intervals is highly recommended as once a stitch is dropped, it unravels easily.  

Filo may not be the easiest yarn to work with but it's definitely worth it!  

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