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Yarn Spotlight: Cormo Worsted

We're carrying a new yarn line and we're excited to tell you about it! Cormo Worsted from Elemental Affects is 100% Cormo wool from Cormo sheep raised in the Western US.

Cormo Worsted

Cormo Worsted is a long-staple, soft and crimpy wool that feels just wonderful next to skin due to low micron count of the fiber.  It's worsted spun with a high twist so it is resistent to pilling (yay!)


Cormo Worsted

Working with Cormo Worsted is such a joy!  It glides effortlessly off the needles without being too slippery. The high twist gives this yarn a springiness that just feels so nice in your hands.  It's the type of yarn that makes you want to keep on knitting!  

Cormo Worsted

Since it has a little extra twist, Cormo Worsted is a very stretchy yarn.  What does this mean?  When you measure gauge, it's best to measure under a little tension as the fabric will pull in. If you substitute Cormo Worsted in patterns that specify yarns with less resilience or stretch, you will probably need a little more yarn.  Cormo Worsted also has great stitch definition.  

Despite the name, we consider Cormo Worsted to be more of a heavy worsted or Aran weight yarn (4sts/inch). The above swatch was done using size US 8 and 9 needles.

Cormo Worsted is a great choice for next-to-skin garments and accessories (think cables or textured stitches like herringbone!) as well as blankets and home decor.  This is sure to become a favorite!

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