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Yak.... The New Cashmere?

There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Is Yak the New Cashmere?"


It's very timely as we've seen a rise in the number of 100% yak and yak blends in the past year or so.  

Why yak? 

According to the article, yak is similar to cashmere in terms of softness, warmth and durability.  It has a natural flecked-like appearance and is smooth.  It's not as fluffy as cashmere. One conclusion from the article is that cashmere is mainstream and yak is exotic and therefore, is becoming more popular in the fashion industry. 

While we're fans of both yak and cashmere, we're excited to tell you about a few of our yak blend yarns. 

Asia is an exquisite blend of yak and silk. The amazing drape, subtle sheen and deep, rich colors has quickly made Asia a staff favorite. 


Lhasa is truly luscious cashmere/yak blend - oh so decadent!  Light as a cloud and so wonderfully soft - you just have to feel this!


Oxley is a super soft merino/yak blend in rich colors that glides right off the needles! Oxley has just the right amount of spring to make this perfect for lightweight garments and accessories.

Tenzing is another merino/yak blend that is a joy to work with - soft and springy! It's also smooth in appearance, making Tenzing great for colorwork. 

If you're looking for extra warmth and coziness, we have a couple of super yummy yak/merino/alpaca blends.

Stratus is wonderfully soft with a chain construction making this super light and lofty.

yak merino

Yak Merino is a chunky yarn that is just perfect for quick to knit projects with an extra special feel!

For garments and accessories that can be enjoyed in any season we have Softyak DK, a unique blend of cotton and yak with a smidgen of nylon. Softyak DK has been a store favorite since it was released last spring.  It's nice to work with, has excellent stitch definition and a wonderful drape. 

Whatever your choice, give yak a try! 



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