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Urban Knit Collection: Interview with Author Kyle Kunnecke

We are so excited about the upcoming release of Urban Knit Collection:18 City-Inspired Knitting Patterns for the Modern Wardrobe

Author Kyle Kunnecke is not only a San Francisco designer but a long-time ImagiKnitter too!  We had an opportunity to ask Kyle some questions.  

1.  When and how did you learn to knit?  
I learned to knit in 2003 from my roommate when I lived in Hollywood, CA. I was home sick and we were watching bad daytime TV. She was obsessed with making garter stitch scarves using a lot of different novelty yarns (this was the height of fun fur and eyelash yarns!) and I told her that the process looked tedious and boring.
She challenged me to give it a shot, since I like other creative things. She cast on, taught me the knit stitch, and for about 3 years all I made were striped blankets and scarves!
2.  Briefly describe your journey from learning to knit to designing knitwear patterns. 
I moved to San Francisco in 2010 after a few years of friendship with fellow knitters and crocheters, and going to various fiber retreats and events. I witnessed friends being published in magazines, and a few friends even had books. I wanted to be published as well, so I made the leap, and after much worry about how to present my very first proposal was accepted! After that first taste of seeing my work transformed from handwritten notes and a finished piece to a beautifully photographed project laid out in print, I was hooked. 
3.  How long have you been designing knitwear?
My first published designs came out in 2011, but I've been following my own path and improvising designs without a pattern since I started putting needle to yarn. With each project idea I'm always asking "what if"... discovery comes from experimenting.
4. Where did you find your inspiration for the patterns in the book?
Urban Knit Collection is inspired by urban architecture- civic centers, old movie theaters, neon signs, iron gates... motifs involved from buildings that have stood the test of time. The designs feature cables, stranded knitting, locked floats, beading, lace, and even intarsia. I'm really excited to get to share some of the pieces from the book with the folks who visit ImagiKnit!
5. What other fiber-related arts are you involved in?
My first love is knitting and colorwork but I do find myself intrigued by other aspects of the fiber world. Besides knitting, I dye my own fiber, have dabbled in processing fleeces (but only a little), love to card and make art batts for spinning... I spin and weave too. 


We're taking pre-orders of the book.  Every pre-order receives a bonus project!  Click here to pre-order.  

Meet Kyle and get your book signed on September 25 at the Urban Knit Collection Book Launch!  



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