Things We Like: Stitch Markers

October 31, 2017

Stitch markers can make your knitting and crocheting easier!  And they can jazz up your works in progress too!  Check out some of the different types we carry: 

Top to bottom, left to right:
Clover 3150 Triangle Stitch Markers
HiyaHiya Yarn Ball Stitch Markers
ImagiKnit Colored Locking Stitch Markers
Katrinkles Stitch Markers
HiyaHiya Locking Stitch Markers
Lantern Moon Stitch Markers
Paradise Stitch Markers
Susan Bates Heart Stitch Markers
Clover 3107 Soft Stitch Ring Markers


How do stitch markers make projects easier?  They're invaluable for marking the beginning of a round. 

You can also use them to mark where to increase or decrease, to show pattern repeats, or even to help count when casting on a large number of stitches (e.g. place a stitch marker every 25 stitches). They're perfect to hold a dropped stitch until you can fix it. Some markers even have little clips and include a perforated notepad so you can keep track of rows (Clover 3165 shown below):

Clover 3165

They're not just for knitting! Stitch markers are perfect to keep track of rounds or holding pieces together (locking stitch markers) when crocheting amigurumi too!

They're great little accessories that we can't live without!  Interested in seeing more? Click here

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