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Things We Like: Knitting Without Needles Using Carnaby Yarn

Blankets made with super bulky yarn are so popular right now. Whip up a super bulky blanket using just your hands - no needles!

If you've ever wanted to make a roving blanket, Felted Merino Wool Hanks from Carnaby Yarn Co is a much sturdier alternative. Make a blanket you can actually use!

Camille, owner of from Carnaby Yarn Co has a technique called 'Flat Knitting' where you use only your fingers to knit. Unlike arm knitting, you can leave your knitting and come back to it and you're never holding the whole weight of the yarn on your arms. Check out this video to make a seed stitch blanket:

Simple right? All you need to make this 35in x 50in blanket is 5 skeins of Felted Merino Wool Hanks, a flat surface and your hands. 

If you want to make a striped blanket, check out this video for instructions for changing skeins. 

The flat knitting technique is super fast and addicting!  And the results are simply stunning! 

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