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Things We Like: Gleener

Let's face it - fibers pill.

You can restore your handknitted items to their original pill-free beauty with the Gleener!

Since it's introduction in 2010,  the Gleener has won several internationally recognized design and innovation awards and has customers worldwide.  Why all the fuss? Because it works! Check out the Gleener in action: 

What makes Gleener different from other de-pillers? Gleener has a patented Safe Edge System. There are three edges that each target a different kind of fuzz ball. 

Edge #1 is for big and bulky pills such as those found on chunky weight wools and wool blends. 

Edge #2 is for medium pills such as those found on cashmere, merino and blends. 

Edge #3 targets summers knits, T-shirts and silk blends.



In addition, the Gleener includes a lint brush that not only beautifully finishes any de-pilling job, it also pick up pet hair in a flash!

You spent a lot of time creating your garment. Keep it looking beautiful for years. 

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