Customer Creations

August 23, 2017

It's time for our favorite post - Customer Creations!

We just love Jill's sweater in super soft Far!  It's her own design and it looks great on her.  

Jennifer's Forest Weave is gorgeous!  It's one of our favorite patterns. 

The staff went completely bonkers over Rebecca's Find Your Fade - such a beautiful combination of colors! 

Baby Blossom Chunky is a customer favorite.Check out Frada's Baby Blossom Chunky blanket in use - so sweet! 

Blankets have been popular - we love Kathy's Pop Blanket! 

Look at this lovely that Grauntie Carol made for a special 3yr old. 

We love Kerrie's blanket - so pretty! 

And check out this beauty that Claudia made - just so lovely! 

The staff was awestruck by Alice's Alice Starmore - simply stunning!  Such beautiful cable work. 

We just love Nancy's baby sweater! 

Debby's shawl looks great on her! 

We love the colorwork on Eike's shawl - stunning! 

We love the cheery colors in Leslie's cowl. 

 Check out this beautiful color combination that Yvonne used for her woven shawl. 

We love Michelle's jumper - it looks great on her!

Robyn did a great job on her sweater - the drape on this is wonderful!

Lisa did a wonderful job on the Hitofude that she made for daughter Jessica.  It looks great on Jessica! 

Thank you all for sending us pictures and allowing us to take pictures of your wonderful work! For more inspiration, check out the Knitspiration Customer Gallery  on our website! And please upload your pictures - we inspire eachother in our wonderful world of making! 

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Customer Creations!

April 26, 2017

It's time for our favorite post - Customer Creations!

Kiran looks so adorable in this outfit made by super talented mom Jessica. Kiran is one well dressed little guy! 

Check out Rena's Rasta cowl. It looks great on her! And the sweater - love the bobbles!


Alison's blanket in Rios is gorgeous! We love the colors!


Julie's Doodler is amazing!  What a great color combo!


We just love Huib's scarves - this one matches his beard! 

Anne's shawl is stunning!

Carla finished her baby blanket using Baby Blossom Chunky - the pattern is so pretty!

Check out Idris in his little snood made by mom Michelle - so cute!  And it stays on! 

Jenny's sweater is simply stunning!  She's so talented!

Check out the textured stitches in Judy's Honeycomb blanket made using Encore Worsted! Love the color colmbo!

Speaking of textures.....Larry's work is amazing!  He looks just fabulous in his cabled sweater that is his own design. 

Check out Jane's stunning cabled sweater! 

Mark does beautiful work in silk!


We fell  in love with Mariyn's slipper socks! The colorwork is gorgeous!

Rick's crochet scarf in Mechita is beautiful!  We love this stitch pattern!

A while back we went complete bonkers over this bikini made of Nebula (neoprene - yes, neoprene) crocheted by Michelle. Clever!

Thank you all for sending us pictures and allowing us to take pictures of your wonderful work! We inspire each other in our world of making!  

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Customer Creations!

February 14, 2017

Wow - our customers have been busy!

Can you believe this is Jose's first project? He used Tosh Chunky and did a wonderful job!  He's a natural at knitting. 

We love this absolutely stunning wrap that Kess made using Malabrigo Lace (it's being held by Antonio from Malabrigo).  She does such gorgeous work! 

Check out this beauty that Vivianna made using Sno and Tosh DK!

We squeed when we saw Julia;s vest!  This was designed by her husband and knitted by Julia.  Love the fish in the pocket! 

Don't you love Kathleen's hat?  She made it using North Star and added a Lapin pom pom. 

Check out this beautiful wrap that Sheila made!  So pretty!

 Jackie finished up this sweater on the plane on her way back from Washington DC.  Beautiful colorwork - love the colors!

Toby made this super cute hat for this super cute little one!  Adorable!

Don't you love Rachel's custom fit cardi?  She did such a beautiful job!  And the fit is fantastic!

Check out this fantastic zebra made by Mary Lou - she whipped this up in no time! Love the heart!

Don't you love Sarah's shawl? It's made using Tosh in color Spectrum.  Beautiful!

Check out Eric's crochet gloves - so clever!

Ana is so cute in her Rasta hat!

Speaking of hats...... check out Kathryn's brioche version of the famed p*ssy hat! Love it!

Iryna used Wild for her hat - soft and cuddly!

Allison made this hat for Hair Soldier - looks great!

Thank you for sharing your projects with us! We're looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Happy Knitting!

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Customer Creations!

January 10, 2017

It's time for our favorite post - Customer Creations!

We love Lawrence's amazing Tea with Jam and Bread Sweater made using Tosh Chunky - great color choices and love the thumbholes!

customer creations

We just love seeing our buddy Kiran in knits made by mom Jessica! Beautiful work and simply adorable!

customer creations

Check out Christi in her Jared Flood sweater made using Cascade 220 - gorgeous colorwork!

customer creations 

Cara's wrap made of Inca Cotton is so cuddly beautiful!

customer creations

 Tyler had some fun making his wacky woven scarf!

customer creations

Bill made beautiful sweaters for his mom and sister Kelly. 

customer creations

Doesn't Megan look fantastic in her gorgeous cashmere scarf? 

customer creations

Check out Katie in her crochet sweater - so cute! 

customer creations

Jean's afghan in Tosh Chunky is so simply gorgeous! Nice work! 

customer creations

 Alice will stay nice and toasty this winter in her beautiful Caracol Poncho! 

customer creations

Gay's Architexture is simply stunning and looks great on her!

customer creations

Monica has been a crochet fiend!  Check out her little lovelies made using Uptown Worsted!

customer creations

Catherine's pups Toby and Buddy are staying nice and warm in their sweaters made using Chunky Merino Superwash!  Cute little cuddle bugs!

Customer Creations

We love the texture in Sara's hat!  She used Woolfolk Far in her own design.

customer creations

Check out Tabitha sporting her poncho and hat!  So lovely!

Customer Creations

We love Tom's sparkle hat!  A daily dose of sparkle is good!

customer creations

And we can't forget those of you that brought your WestKnits to the Stephen West book signing! Here are a few pics:

customer creations

Thank you all so much for sharing your work with us!  

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Customer Creations!

November 15, 2016

Our favorite post - Customer Creations!  Wow -  you guys have been busy!  

We love seeing our friend Kiran sporting knits made by mom Jessica. Such a well dressed and handsome little guy!  


Jennifer finished her coat - isn't this amazing?  Simply gorgeous on her too! 


Check out this super cute top Solveig designed using viscose sizing and Bio Sesia. Great combo  of yarns - so clever!  


Doesn't Vlhaan look adorable in his hoodie made by mom Rajnee in Anchor Bay?Vlhaan

Don't you love Pam's Easy Folded Poncho using Tosh DK?  It looks great on her!

Pam poncho

Ira did a beautiful job on her shawl using Fine Donegal! Stunning!

Ira shawl  

We love seeing Huib in his newest creations!  This one is Yemata in Malabrigo Lace - love it!


Danielle's beaded shawl is simply gorgeous!


We love Bill's little blue elephant! 

Bill's elephant

Check out this vest that Arlene made for her hubby Bill - such beautiful cable work!

Bill vest

We so love the color combination that Lena used in her Doodler!  Gorgeous!

Lena doodler

Check out Bondita's beautiful blanket made for her grandchild using Mochi Plus.  She's already working on another one!


Isn't Gayle cute in her linen top? 


We love Gay's Architexture Shawl - stunning!


Olivia's daughter made her a super cute Breezy Cardigan!  Beautiful work - lucky Olivia! 


Elaine looks so cute in her Featherweight Cardigan done in Nuble!  The colors looks great on her!


We all squeed when we saw Kristy in her Japanese Sleeves using Kauni!   Beautiful! 


Can you believe Loreto just recently learned to crochet?  Her work is so lovely!  She's completely hooked (get it?) 


Thank you all for sending us pictures and allowing us to take pictures of your wonderful work! We inspire each other in our world of making! 

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