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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Help us support Handmade Especially for You deliver comfort scarves to abused women in 70 California shelters this holiday season.
The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that domestic violence in our country is not declining.  Here are some staggering facts:
One in every 3 women in CA experiences intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner sexual violence and/or intimate partner stalking some time during her life. 
About 35% of these women are pregnant. Domestic violence during pregnancy is the biggest cause of birth defects. 
In CA, on a single day, domestic violence shelters serve almost 5,800 women and children; that means in a year, there are 2,157,000 seeking the protection of a shelter. 
The organization Handmade Especially for You, founded by Leslye Borden in 2008, has a goal to distribute 3000 scarves to California shelters in time for their holiday parties.

From Handmade Especially for You: 

"We understand that the items we make cannot solve or cure the negative impact of domestic violence on the women and children who experience it.  We hope our comfort scarves will alleviate some of the terrible pain domestic violence causes.  The comfort scarves for the women and the hats we make for the kids are a START.  They help the women and children know we care about them.  They lift their spirits, raise their self-esteem, and give them hope that someday they may have a life without abuse.  Directors at the almost 70 shelters we serve use these hopeful moments to encourage women to begin the education and therapy that will help them live an abuse-free life."

To support the 2017 holiday season, we'll be collecting scarves through November 5, 2017.

(note: while the organization also distributes hats to the shelters, scarves are most in need). 

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