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MuffinTop Stitches Trunk Show and Window Display

Meet MuffinTop Stitches!

Check out the Trunk Show/Window Display through August 2018. 

Muffin Top Stitches creates products made using refurbished wood and yarn in cross-stitching patterns - so clever!  The founders are Steve and ImagiKntter Janet. They made our ImagiKnit sign that's in our front window. 

 We had a chance to ask Janet and Steve a few questions: 

  1. How would you describe MuffinTop Stitches?

We would describe it as the harry potter of workshops – a tiny little triangle, crammed into a garden shed built under the outdoor stairs… To take as step back though, it’s a fun collaboration between our favorite materials, wood and yarn, brought to life in fun, sometimes functional ways.


  1. How did you and Steve come up with the idea of blending woodworking and cross stitch?

We were actually staying in a small town called St Remy de Provence, that from Monday through Saturday was a perfect picture of peace and quiet, but come Sunday there was an eruption of life when the streets went from sleepy to slammed with market stalls and shoulder to shoulder tourists and locals. It was this that for us sparked one of those ‘what if’ moments – what if we could be one of these stalls – puttering and creating through the week, hustling and selling on the weekend – forget those tech companies and 9-5! Of course, dreams are far from reality, but what it did do was spark an idea – what if we could take two of our own personal hobbies and smash them together to create something truly unique.


  1. Your company name is so unique! Where did you come up with your name?

I wish there was some amazing story behind it; however, MuffinTop Stitches was just a fun name I came up with when I was selling my cross-stitch online through college. We decided to keep it going because what we create is supposed to be lighthearted, fun and hopefully this is a memorable link to that – just don’t forget the word stitches if you search it on google :/


  1. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Again, there is no real method to our madness here – we sit out in the sunshine with a cold beer, grid paper and colored pens – pick a theme (like California roadtrip) and start drawing. This is where our most recent series of tables has come from with an old school caravan, cactus, taco and flamingo (those front lawn birds with a stick in it’s butt kind)… What we love most about this way of working is that it actually inspires others to see things within our design that raise new challenges – custom requests like “can you make that caravan into an airstream” are the things that inspire us to keep pushing forward.


Click here to see more of MuffinTop Stitches.

Instagram: @muffintop stitches

Photos courtesy of MuffinTop Stitches.  

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