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June 1 is National Doughnut Day!

A doughnut brings a smile to everyone's face!


It is said that Doughnut Day started during WWI by Dr. Morgan Pett. He purchased 8 dozen doughnuts and gave one to each soldier he worked on as a way to brighten their day. 

Lieutenant General Samuel Geary was so impressed with the doctor's efforts that he started a fundraiser to allow Dr. Pett to continue to provide doughnuts to his patients. This fundraiser began working with the Salvation Army. They created huts to serve coffee and doughnuts to the troops. 

On National Doughnut Day, many doughnut shops continue to raise funds for the Salvation Army. Some also offer free doughnuts on this day!  It's a good excuse to enjoy this delicious deep fried treat. But who needs an excuse? 

Photo courtesy of Wkipedia.

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