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Customer Creations

It's time for our favorite post - Customer Creations!

We just love Jill's sweater in super soft Far!  It's her own design and it looks great on her.  

Jennifer's Forest Weave is gorgeous!  It's one of our favorite patterns. 

The staff went completely bonkers over Rebecca's Find Your Fade - such a beautiful combination of colors! 

Baby Blossom Chunky is a customer favorite.Check out Frada's Baby Blossom Chunky blanket in use - so sweet! 

Blankets have been popular - we love Kathy's Pop Blanket! 

Look at this lovely that Grauntie Carol made for a special 3yr old. 

We love Kerrie's blanket - so pretty! 

And check out this beauty that Claudia made - just so lovely! 

The staff was awestruck by Alice's Alice Starmore - simply stunning!  Such beautiful cable work. 

We just love Nancy's baby sweater! 

Debby's shawl looks great on her! 

We love the colorwork on Eike's shawl - stunning! 

We love the cheery colors in Leslie's cowl. 

 Check out this beautiful color combination that Yvonne used for her woven shawl. 

We love Michelle's jumper - it looks great on her!

Robyn did a great job on her sweater - the drape on this is wonderful!

Lisa did a wonderful job on the Hitofude that she made for daughter Jessica.  It looks great on Jessica! 

Thank you all for sending us pictures and allowing us to take pictures of your wonderful work! For more inspiration, check out the Knitspiration Customer Gallery  on our website! And please upload your pictures - we inspire eachother in our wonderful world of making! 

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