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Customer Creations!

It's time for our favorite post - Customer Creations!

Kiran looks so adorable in this outfit made by super talented mom Jessica. Kiran is one well dressed little guy! 

Check out Rena's Rasta cowl. It looks great on her! And the sweater - love the bobbles!


Alison's blanket in Rios is gorgeous! We love the colors!


Julie's Doodler is amazing!  What a great color combo!


We just love Huib's scarves - this one matches his beard! 

Anne's shawl is stunning!

Carla finished her baby blanket using Baby Blossom Chunky - the pattern is so pretty!

Check out Idris in his little snood made by mom Michelle - so cute!  And it stays on! 

Jenny's sweater is simply stunning!  She's so talented!

Check out the textured stitches in Judy's Honeycomb blanket made using Encore Worsted! Love the color colmbo!

Speaking of textures.....Larry's work is amazing!  He looks just fabulous in his cabled sweater that is his own design. 

Check out Jane's stunning cabled sweater! 

Mark does beautiful work in silk!


We fell  in love with Mariyn's slipper socks! The colorwork is gorgeous!

Rick's crochet scarf in Mechita is beautiful!  We love this stitch pattern!

A while back we went complete bonkers over this bikini made of Nebula (neoprene - yes, neoprene) crocheted by Michelle. Clever!

Thank you all for sending us pictures and allowing us to take pictures of your wonderful work! We inspire each other in our world of making!  

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