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Free Pattern Friday: Three Color Cowl

A few weeks ago we released the pattern for the Wrapped in Lux shawl, but that was just the beginning of Allison's obsession with Lace Lux. Today we have another exciting pattern to share with you guys. Introducing the Three Color Cowl!

Three Color Cowl - Lace Lux Pattern 

Using three colors of Lace Lux held doubled throughout, this glimmering cowl makes quite a statement despite being so easy to knit.

Three Color Cowl on

We did ours in a combination of purple and taupe, but you can colorblock with any variety of colors. Maybe two grays and a pop color? Three shades of pink? An ombre of blues? It's up to you!

Three Color Cowl on

Enjoy the free pattern below and be sure to check out our wide selection of Lace Lux to find the color scheme that works best for you. Happy knitting!




sk: skein(s)
CO: cast on
st(s): stitch(es)
pm: place marker
St st: Stockinette stitch
K: knit
BO: bind off



1 sk each in 3 colors of Lace Lux
Size 10.5 (6.5 mm) needles (16 or 20 inch circular needle is recommended to best accommodate width)
Darning needle



14 stitches = 4 inch in Stockinette stitch. Row gauge is not crucial.



Approximately 54" in circumference and 8" wide, unblocked.

Three Color Cowl - Lace Lux


Use yarn doubled throughout.

With two strands of the darkest color, CO 80 sts. (Optional: CO using the provisional method to avoid a seam.) PM and connect, making sure not to twist. Knit all rounds until a full skein is used, ending at the marker.

Switch to second color and continue as set in St st. Use entire skein. End at marker.

Switch to lightest color and continue as set in St st. Use almost an entire skein, leaving yarn for seaming. End at marker.


If you did not use the provisional method of casting on, BO in pattern and seam CO and BO edges together. If you used the provisional method of casting on, leave your stitches live and seam both edges together using Kitchener stitch.

Weave in all ends and wear proudly! 

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