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Crochet Cowl or Scarf Class

Expand your crochet repertoire (plus have something fun to do during football games, Netflix binges and long commutes) with our newest class offering!

In Judy's new Crochet Cowl or Scarf class, you will learn a two-row crochet sequence. By the end of the class, your scarf will be well underway. You can even sew the ends together (which will also be covered in class) to turn your scarf into a trendy cowl like we did for the sample above!

This cowl takes only one ball of Marble Chunky (or about 350 yards of any chunky weight yarn). This two-hour workshop is coming up on Tuesday, October 6. Visit the class schedule for more info and give us a call at 415-621-6642 to enroll!

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