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Free Pattern Friday: Kidsilk Haze Sweaters

San Francisco "summer" has passed, but we're now in that weird in between weather where we're chilly in the mornings, sweltering in the afternoon and bundled up tight at night. It's a bit too much to lug around that wool sweater, so in times like this featherlight mohair is our friend!

We found two amazing free patterns on the Rowan website that feature one of our all time favorite yarns, Kidsilk Haze.

Trinity and Carnation both have that boxy, oversized fit we love. The mohair/silk yarn offers just the right amount of warmth without a lot of weight. It's so light you can easily sneak the whole sweater into your purse if you're heading out for the night!

If you need a touch of sparkle (we wouldn't blame you!), Kidsilk Haze Eclipse is a great alternative. 

Happy knitting!



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