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Knit the Sky - Book Signing and Workshop!

Meet Lea Redmond, author of Knit The Sky, and have your book signed! She'll be here this Thursday, September 3rd from 6 to 7 PM for a special meet and greet event. 

If you are as enamored with the Lea's playful new way of knitting, we urge you to stay for her workshop after the book signing. She'll show you how to document the weather with stripes, track your emotional life in a rainbow of yarns, and knit with the help of a gumball machine! Join her for stories, inspiring example projects from her new book, and insights into the creative process. She’ll also guide you through an activity to develop your very own project in the spirit of “knit the sky.” Bring a pencil and paper because you’re going to be bursting with your own fun ideas by the end of the workshop. Once this window is opened, the sky’s the limit and you’re bound to leave with at least one bright idea that you can’t wait to knit up! Appropriate for knitters of any skill level, this idea-based approach to knitting makes any project. Registration is only $15 and can be booked in advance or during the book signing. 

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