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Staff Creation: Ravet Blanket

Our owner Allison is known for many things, but this blanket proves two of those things for sure. 1) She is a whiz at putting colors together. 2) She can knit a blanket ridiculously fast. Case in point: the Ravet Blanket

This blanket is a whole lotta linen stitch (an ImagiKnit fave!) but doesn't get tedious thanks to the constant color changes.  Allison used Tosh Vintage for her blanket, but any DK or light worsted yarn will work well.

This blanket takes six colors.  You'll need approximately 819 yards of the main color, 585 yards of the second color, 468 yards of the third color and 232 yards of three other contrasting colors. For her blanket, Allison used her favorite color Grasshopper as the main color, then mixed it in with Candlewick, Dahlia, Steamer Trunk, Well Water and Grove. 

Tosh Vintage colors are all dyed in a way that makes it super easy and satisfying to blend. Trust your gut when creating your own palette or reach out to us for help either in store or over the phone.  Color is what we do best!  Grab the free pattern and browse our current selection of Tosh Vintage here. 

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