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Customer Creations

It's time for another round up of customer creations!

Albert (above) is an unbelievable knitter and always loves to try new techniques. This combo of lace and cables is almost unreal. It's the perfect sweater for our brisk summer nights!

Mila finished school in style thanks to her mom's amazing crochet skills.  Our former manager Jenn created this ensemble for Mila using 2nd Time Cotton and Silk Garden Lite.  Opting for a self-striping yarn was the perfect way to create different colored flowers without buying multiple balls.  We're dying for one in our size!

Stafford (who has a knack for combining unexpected yarns together to create something new) made this awesome baby blanket by holding our sale yarn 220 Superwash Paints with a basic chunky acrylic in white (Comfort Chunky).  He used Comfort Chunky in baby blue around the outside to polish it off.  Gorgeous!

Lena made this stunning Alice Starmore sweater, which we think is the first we've ever seen in person!  It's beyond impressive.

We've seen a few Color Affection shawls come through our doors these last few years, but the color scheme Erin chose for hers is totally unique!  

Liana and Shahrzad are beaming in their knit hats.  One is made with Comfort and the other is made with Tosh Vintage.  Lookin' good!

As always, thanks for sharing your projects with us!  If you can't stop by the store to get your picture taken, you can always e-mail us at

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