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Sequence Knitting: Interview with Cecelia Campochiaro

The other day we got to sit down with Cecelia Campochiaro, author of Sequence Knitting, and ask her a few questions about her book. 

IK:  How would you sum up the purple of the book?

CC:  The goal of sequence knitting is to give knitters freedom to easily create complex fabrics, especially when following a chart is difficult. I used to do a lot of garter, stockinette and ribbing projects because they were easy to do in social situations or when traveling. With sequence knitting I can now do much more interesting projects.

The book has multiple purposes. 

  • It is an introduction to four methods of sequence knitting. Even though the ideas are simple, it is a rich subject.
  • It is a pattern book with 47 designs for accessories so knitters can try out the sequence knitting methods easily.
  • It is a stitch dictionary for those who want to design their own patterns. Most of the fabrics in the stitch dictionaries are not found in any other place.
  • Finally, it is a book about fabric creation and how to combine pattern, fiber and color to achieve a desired look and feel.



IK: What was your inspiration for the book?

CC: I was looking for a travel project and found Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s One-row Handspun Scarf pattern on Ravelry. This simple pattern sparked my curiosity and I began swatching… When I could not find any reference books on 1-row patterns or the other methods, I decided to write the book.


IK: How do you see knitters using these techniques?

Sequence knitting is a general approach to knitting that applies to knitters of all levels. It can be used by itself or combined with other techniques and resources – for example, the cuffs and waist-band of a sweater could be knit using the sequence knitting while the body of the garment is worked in stockinette. It is my hope that the knitting community takes these ideas and expands upon them in ways I cannot even imagine today.


Thanks, Cecelia!  Want to learn more about Sequence Knitting?  Sign up for the exclusive Sequence Knitting Workshop on May 19th!  For details, click here

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