Lizard Ridge Knit-a-Long

April 11, 2015

When we announced the Lizard Ridge Knit-a-Long several weeks ago, we knew it wouldn't be a quickie.  While there is of course no rush to get to the finish line, we wanted to share our progress here at the shop.

Diane did a fantastic job of seaming together the first size blocks of our shop blanket.  We used 4 colors of Silk Garden (6 balls each color) and have all pitched in to knit it.  We absolutely love how it's turning out!

Here's a close up of her handiwork.  If you have a few blocks under your belt, we recommend making your first panel.  It's a really nice way to start to see your hard work pay off!  Be sure to block each square to the same size (it smooths out that egg carton appearance your blocks have now) and seam them up using a mattress stitch (or whatever you find looks best).  

We'd love to see your progress!  Tag us on Instagram (@imagiknitsf or #imagiknit) or shoot a photo over to info@imagiknit.com and we'll feature you on our next Knit-a-Long update!

Have any questions?  Feel free to call us or drop by the shop!

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