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Knitting as Meditation Returns!

Our Knitting as Meditation series was such a hit, Lanny is back with three new classes for the spring! 
For Knitting as Meditation graduates, check out Lanny's new Knitting Butterflies class.  In this class, you will knit the aptly named Butterfly Cowl (a simple yet beautiful cowl designed by Allison of ImagiKnit). You likely heard this before; butterflies are beautiful, but before becoming a butterfly the caterpillar has to first give up its existence and turn into “soup” called chrysalis before it can start its transformation.  As you knit your Butterfly Cowl, you will complete personal reflection prompts and join a guided meditation to explore your own transformation.  This class will be held on Monday evenings starting April 20th. 
If you've completed her first series of Knitting as Meditation, you can enroll in the Knitting as Meditation 2 series that starts May 13.  In this series, you will discover and practice new techniques to guide you through inner exploration while you knit or crochet. You will be guided to reconnect deeper to your own source of intuition, creativity and self-knowing.  For dates, visit the class schedule

New to the class?  Grab a spot in the original Knitting as Meditation series that is starting on April 15.  In this 4-class series, you will discover meditation techniques to calm your mind while you knit or crochet. Benefit from some R&R time together with other like-minded crafters and join us this Wednesday at 7:00 PM.  
Testimonials from previous students:

"I so enjoyed this class!  I was pleasantly surprised by how much content was available, and how the material was so thoughtfully prepared.  There is so much for me and to take away with me!" - Katherine G.

"This class takes two very grounding activities - being mindful and doing handwork through knitting - and allows us to explore ourselves while meeting others who are actively interested in growing and exploring too." - Christine B. 

"Thanks to this class, I now associate knitting with the calmness of  meditation.  Although I don't often meditate while knitting, knitting has become more relaxing." - Liz B.

"The class really opened me up to some new possibilities with knitting and mindfulness." - Robin

"I enjoyed the class, and told my husband that I felt much calmer after learning a few things from you." - Linda B 

Want to learn more?  Visit our class schedule and give us a call at (415) 621-6642 to enroll! 
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