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Knit-a-Long: Lizard Ridge Blanket (Yarn Guide)

Thinking about joining our Lizard Ridge Knit-a-Long, but aren't sure what yarn to use?  

The pattern calls for Noro Kureyon (100% wool) with a ball of Cascade 220 for the trim.  Knitters going for the called-for yarn will be happy with the beautiful, yet unpredictable, color repeats and will have a blanket that is warm, durable and eye-catching.  The pattern has you select 21 different colorways that you piece together once the blocks are complete.  You can mix and match to your heart's delight.  Kureyon is a wool yarn with great texture, but must be hand washed or spot cleaned at the risk of it felting in the washing machine.  

Noro Silk Garden can be used in place of Kureyon if you're looking for something a little bit softer and more luxurious.  Silk Garden is made from a blend of mohair and silk that softens up beautifully as you knit it.  It is available in a huge range of slightly more subtle self-striping colorways and has a bit more drape than Kureyon.  You will also want to hand wash or spot clean this blanket, as it is not machine washable.

Making this blanket for a baby (or a particularly messy adult)?  Consider Mochi Plus!  This yarn from Crystal Palace is a merino wool with nylon that is treated to be machine washable.  It has the same gauge as Kureyon, making it a great substitute.  You can easily adapt the blanket for baby by knitting less squares. 

If you or the recipient have a wool sensitivity, why not take a peek at Noro Taiyo?  This lovely blend of cotton and silk (with the same self-striping goodness we have come to love with Noro!) has a generous 220 yards per ball.  Compared to Kureyon's 110 yards per ball, you should be able be make two blocks per ball.

Want something absolutely fabulous, but looking for the most economical option in natural fibers?  Noro's new yarn Kureopatora has almost 300 yards per ball, meaning you can make three blocks out of one ball.  It's a little skinnier than Kureyon, so your blanket will have more drape if you knit to the same gauge.  Cascade's Tangier will be a great replacement for Taiyo (with a subtler color palette).  One ball should yield two blocks.

If you need further help selecting your yarn, feel free to reach out to us by e-mail! (

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