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Knit-a-Long: Lizard Ridge Blanket

Selecting our first Knit-a-Long of the new year wasn't easy, but there were definitely a few components that the staff agreed on 100%. We all were certain we wanted a big project, something that would keep us busy for awhile but would ultimately be incredibly gratifying.  We also knew we wanted it to be a real treat to ourselves - after weeks and weeks of gift knitting for the holidays, we craved some selfish stitching.  We gazed around the shop and all our eyes locked on a recently restocked column of Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden.

It hit us quite suddenly: the Lizard Ridge Blanket!  It was a sensation on Knitty a few years back and we are still helping customers find yarn for it to this day.

The Lizard Ridge Blanket is made up of 24 blocks, each worked with a completely different colorway of Noro Kureyon.  Using short rows, you knit simultaneously from the inside and outside of one skein to alternate the long color repeats.  That's what initially drew us to the blanket.  It's not often enough in our knitting that we can throw caution to the wind and knit with reckless abandon.  There's no worrying about color matching or dye lots with this project.  You can buy one ball of a yarn at a time if you want (something we always caution against!).  You can throw in random yarns from your stash.  You can stop and start blocks as you wish.  The perfect treat to yourself!

Join us for our first Knit-a-Long of 2015 as we cast on our Lizard Ridge Blankets on February 1.  Start on your own at home or come by the shop to cast on with the rest of us!  We'll be gathering around 11 A.M. on Sunday, February 1st.  Staff will be on hand to help you select your yarn, coordinate your colors and answer any pattern questions. If you're shopping online, click here for our comprehensive guide to help you select the right yarn for your project.  Join our discussion group on Ravelry for Knit-a-Long future updates!

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