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Cascade 128 Superwash and ImagiKnit Lustro Cowl




A simple seed stitch brings out the best of the beads in this quick to knit, wonderful to wear cowl.



16” circular #11 needles

1 sk Cascade 128 Superwash

1 sk ImagiKnit Lustro

Darning needle


Ring Marker



sk skein(s)

CO cast on

st(s) stitch(es)

BO bind off

K knit

Rep repeat

PM place marker

Rnd(s) round

St st stockinette stitch (k all rnds)

P purl



12 sts/4 inches in pattern and in st st or 3 sts/inch in pattern and st st


CO 69 sts with one strand of each yarn. PM and connect making sure not to twist. Hold both yarns

together throughout project.

Rounds 1: * K1, P1* K1

Rounds 2: *P1, K1* P1

Rep rnds 1-2 until desired length.

BO in pattern.

Weave in ends.


Wear proudly!


To get this pattern in store, ask for S864.

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