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Staff Creation: Taste the Rainbow Blanket

When we restock yarn, we sometimes can’t help but get a little creative.  We love putting yarn collections in rainbow order – a scientific process we at ImagiKnit call “rainbowtizing”.


When Jules finished rainbowtizing our latest shipment of Uptown Bulky, she was inspired to knit herself a new throw.  She grabbed 12 different skeins and got to work!  Using a simple garter stitch pattern to colorblock her blanket, she simply knit for the length of one ball and changed colors when it ran out.  Before she knew it, her blanket was finished!


What a fun and simple way to add some color to your couch!  You could also cut the yardage in half to make this blanket for a special baby or kiddo.


This pattern is available for free here.  Happy knitting!

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