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Customer Creation: Mark's Silk Scarves

Mark has been shopping at ImagiKnit for years and years and we have come to learn one steadfast truth about him: he LOVES silk!


It’s hard to say if he’s found a favorite yet, but we know he’s partial to Louisa Harding’s Mulberry Silk because of it’s unique ply.  He has also experimented with Kinu, Luxury Silk and Serishin.  As far as we know, no two scarves come out the same!


Kelsey sure didn’t mind modeling one of his beautiful creations!  In the background, you’ll see one of her gorgeous art pieces.


Mark showed off his current WIP – a double knit scarf using Mulberry Silk.  Gorgeous, huh?  If you’re curious about the double knitting technique, Beth Whiteside will be teaching a class on it later this month.  Check out the schedule to learn more!

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