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Customer Creations: Adam's Menagerie

When we first met Adam, it seemed he was always on the hunt for very specific colors - bright stoplight yellow... the most neon of neon pinks... When he started sharing his creations with us, we quickly realized why!

He's on a major amigurumi kick! Above you'll find a crocheted manatee (pattern by Vox Mortuum) on the top left, a knitted snail on the top right (designed by Hansi Singh), "Marlon, the Biker Dog" (a pattern from Ana Yogui) on the bottom left and Adorably Kawaii's Sleepy Fox (his FIRST crochet project, if you can believe it!) on the bottom right.


But we have to admit, we still think this creation of his is our favorite...

This knitted wig (hence the most neon of neon pinks) is a free pattern on Knitty

Thanks for sharing, Adam!

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