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Yarn Review: JaggerSpun

We're happy to announce that we are now carrying JaggerSpun! JaggerSpun has been producing classic, natural fiber, worsted spun yarn in the US for over 100 years. 


Here's a bit of history about this family-owned yarn company. It all started in 1884 when Uriah Jagger arrived from England and worked as a yarn spinner at Goodall-Sanford Mills in Sanford, Maine (our apologies for the blurry pictures but that's part of the old-time charm).  


In 1898, Uriah's sons, Samuel and Fred, established Jagger Brothers, a worsted spinning operation.The building was located on the Mousam River in South Sanford, Maine and during this time, machinery was powered by one water turbine.The yarn volume produced was dependent on the water from the Mousam River. Cool isn't it?


In 1956, Samuel's sons purchased a weaving plant in Springvale, Maine and moved operations to Springvale where it's been ever since.  


We carry yarn from two of the JaggerSpun yarn lines: Super Lamb and Green Line. The Green Line 3/8 is a sport weight yarn made from 100% fine grade merino wool produced and dyed in accordance with Global Organic Trade (GOT) Standards. The Green Line 3/8 is a smooth yarn with a tight twist and a crisp, smooth appearance. It just begs to be used in colorwork projects.  It's also a great choice for weaving. 


The Super Lamb 4/10 Sock Weight is made from shrink treated merino lambswool. Jaggerspun has been providing sock weight yarn to commercial sock companies for many, many years so they really know their sock yarn. The heathered colors are perfect for just about any project from finer gauge garments and accessories to socks.


For those of you that have a difficult time finding the perfect color for men's socks, check out the color selection!

It's great to support such an historic, family-owned company.  Browse the yarns online or stop in the shop to see them in person.

Photos courtesy of JaggerSpun.

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