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Yarn Review: ImagiKnit Linen

A new yarn has hit the shelves and we are so excited about it - ImagiKnit Linen!


Our ImagiKnit Linen is from flax grown in Western Europe (France, Belgium and The Netherlands) where the world’s best flax is grown.  The flax is processed, spun and dyed in Lithuania.  ImagiKnit Linen is available in lace, fingering (coming soon!) and sport weight. 

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There is a wide color range from shades of gorgeous natural color flax to rich brights and jewel tones. 

ImagiKnit Linen Lace 

We realize that many folks are a little intimidated by linen but once you know how best to work with it, you’ll produce a soft, easy-care , easy-wear fabric that you may just fall in love with.   Some tips on working with linen:

1. Linen has a tendency to bias so it works best with loose fitting garments with little structure (think simple boxy tees, tanks and tunics).   
2. Using bamboo needles will help keep stitches from slipping.
3. Linen doesn’t have the elasticity like wool so it helps to knit using a larger gauge. This also results in a more drapey fabric.
4. Create a swatch! Yes – we all know we should do this but it’s especially important with linen.  Only a swatch will give you true stitch and row gauge.  It’s helpful to try a couple of needle sizes.  Be sure to wash and block your swatch. 

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5. It’s important to knit to your desired gauge as you won’t be able to change the shape of the fabric during blocking as you can with wool.
6. When joining a new ball of yarn to existing work, it’s best to join at the beginning of a row. To help anchor the yarn from the new ball, hold one strand of existing yarn with a strand of the new ball and knit several stitches holding these strands together. 
7. When weaving in ends, use a long tail and weave in multiple directions.  
8. When washing, use a gentle cleaner liker Eucalan. Please – do not use Woolite!  It contains a bleaching agent that may discolor your garment.  To dry your finished project, simply throw it in the dryer (don’t you love it!).  
9. To get rid of the occasional crease, simply spray with water. Or you can use an iron. 

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    Linen holds it’s shape better than cotton and it won’t stretch out over time.  Because linen can be washed in the washer and thrown into the dryer, it’s a great choice for baby/children’s clothing and lightweight, soft baby blankets.  For grownups – linen is perfect for warm weather garments and accessories but that’s not all!  Linen can be used for table linens and home accessories.  Like cotton, linen absorbs water quickly so it’s a great choice for washcloths and dishtowels.  And for all you weavers out there – linen is the perfect warp material for just about any weaving  project,  Imagine beautiful table linens like placemats and woven dishtowels.  We love linen….!

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    Check out the amazing color selection here and plan your next project! 

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