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Introducing Shibui Rain

Rain is the newest yarn in the Shibui collection and we're pretty certain you're going to love it.

Shibui Rain and Spectrum Shawl

Rain is a lustrous mercerized cotton with a surprising fluidity and drape. The crisp yet tweedy texture of the yarn gives it a silk like appeal. It's a very welcome addition to our spring/summer line up. 

Shibui Spectrum Shawl featuring Rain

The Spectrum Shawl (shown above) blends Rain with Shibui's silk/mohair yarn Silk Cloud. Silk Cloud adds the perfect amount of warmth and halo to the project and can be paired easily to the color of Rain you use. If you want something more wintery, you can always opt for the alpaca and camel blend Dune.

Shibui Spectrum

You can make a Spectrum shawl with 6 skeins of Rain and 3 skeins of Silk Cloud. If you want to opt for the scarf size, you'll need only 3 skeins of Rain and 2 skeins of Silk Cloud. The pattern normally retails for $6, but you can grab it free with the purchase of the yarn to make it! Just drop us a note at checkout so we'll be sure to include the pattern with your order. 

What color should you make it out of? It's hard to choose! We paired three of our favorites below to get you started.

Shibui Rain and Silk Cloud in Brick

Brick has a nice rustic edge to it and will transition beautifully through autumn.

Shibui Rain and Silk Cloud in Ash



You can't go wrong with Ash! It's neutral yet interesting and will be easy to mix and match.

Shibui Rain and Silk Cloud in Fjord

Fjord is a beautiful greenish blue that will help pop your features. It's a very flattering color that is surprisingly versatile.

We can't wait to see what you make. Happy knitting!

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